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If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, why not give your gaze an adequate frame, with eyebrows at the top?

Very few have naturally thick eyebrows, either for genetics, or for the wrong use of the tweezers which has irreparably compromised their shape over time.

Ok, the eyebrow pencil, if used correctly, is a painless and comfortable solution, but it goes away … every time you wash your face, sweat or spend some time between a touch of makeup and the other. Here then comes microblading, a highly trendy technique inspired by semi-permanent make-up and which allows you to obtain thick, well-defined and natural-looking eyebrows!

Microblading involves injecting a pigment under the skin, with the aim of creating a soap-proof design that does not fade! In short, it is a real semi-permanent tattoo. Once we have chosen the shape, color and intensity together, we can begin the mission “Revolutionize your gaze”: the tool we will use is similar to a pen equipped with small disposable needles, which will make micro incisions on the skin (nothing too painful, promised !), filling the “empty areas” with color.

The duration varies according to your skin type, your skin care and many other factors, but just a “recall” from time to time to release the microblading power: defined, natural and… absolutely irresistible!

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