Makeup for events

Make-up for events

The perfect make-up for a special occasion

From € 100

We have already said this: make-up is an exact science in which technical knowledge and high quality products can work magic.

But it’s not only this. It’s also creativity and inspiration, a sophisticated art that goes beyond the rules.

Here, when we come to you to prepare you for your special event, we will bring all this in our beauty-case, together with the certainty of making you look irresistible.

Themed party, business dinner, exclusive party, special date? No problem. We will enhance your features using colour, shades, light and shadow. We will decide “how” to do it depending on the occasion. We will probably have a chat before we start and talk about you. This is normal, personality plays a fundamental role in creating a make-up. In fact, make-up must say something about the person who is wearing it. If you are super shy you will hardly ask us for a more elaborate make-up, even if maybe we could suggest it as shock therapy?! Personally, we love it when someone is wearing make-up but it doesn’t look like there is any.

In short, make-up is the expression of oneself but also a tool to dare one to feel like a Femme Fatale for one evening…

What side of the palette do you sit on or would you like to sit on? Tell us in the form below!

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