Group make-up classes

Group make-up classes

Enhance yourself and have fun!

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There are swimming classes, cooking classes, ukulele classes… so why not make-up classes? Our group make-up classes are the perfect occasion to teach you how to enhance your natural beauty and at the same time have fun. The aim of these classes is to leave you satisfied looking at your reflection in the mirror with a big smile on your face.

What will our group make-up lessons give you?

Some practical notions: if you’re starting from the basics and find it hard to put mascara on without poking your eyeball out or if you’re starting from an intermediate level but you wish to make all jaws drop with a “wow effect” then this course is for you! Either way you will learn the right techniques and the right products for you.

Your style: take notice. When is a brand successful? When you can immediately identify it. The same thing happens with make-up. You don’t need masks or frescoed-like eyelids, you just need one detail to make the difference and express your uniqueness.

A routine that’s cut out for you: make-up is fruit of inspiration but also gestures that keep repeating themselves. At the end of the course you will have learned the fundamentals of the perfect beauty routine that you will start following from now on at home.

A face chart: if you are afraid you will still have doubts at the end of the course, you can relax. We will provide each participant with a real make-up Gospel that will help you regain faith in your make-up skills!

A real good time: if “two is better than one”, just imagine if you’re in a group! Our group makeup classes are a fun way to create and reinforce relationships with other women. It could also be an alternative to a bridal shower!

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