The Team


Hi, pleased to meet you!

I’m Elisa and I’m a make-up artist who expresses herself through brush strokes and words.

I have always felt the need to communicate, either talking or writing. When distance gets in the way and I don’t have the opportunity to look the other person in the eye, I take out my laptop and start typing. That’s how my first blog was born, now ten years ago (sigh)! It was the course of studies that chose me: after a three-year degree in Communication at IULM, I specialized in Marketing, so as not to be missing anything!?

I have been looking at things from a different point of view and I’ve been calling different places “home” since I was 15: after a year in London and one in Germany, here I am in Milan, the most global city in Europe. Change excites me, but don’t be fooled! I am a tough and determined person who hides behind an angelic smile and when I want something, I find a way to get it at whatever cost! I am very focused, and I don’t miss the tiniest detail … especially when it comes to make-up!

Make-up is a passion born by chance, putting make-up on friends who wanted to give themselves a “wow effect” for parties and appointments. Magic? No, sir. For me, makeup is an exact science, a perfect technique to help you highlight or shade what you want. I’ll make you a little confession: it’s my stress reliever that helps me breathe deeply even at the end of a difficult day!


First of all, I want you to feel at ease throughout and after the session. I hate masks and I love make-up that enhances facial features without distorting them. That’s why I wish to give you the best version of yourself helping you to dare (why not?) with a unique make-up or an exclusive nuance.

My passion for make-up emerged spontaneously a long time ago while I was watching my sister Anna putting make-up on someone at our house. Passion together with one year at the London Academy of Freelance Make-up and lots of practice did the rest. My make-up reflects what I love, lightness and brightness.


Ok, beauty is a timeless value… there must be a reason why even philosophy books talk about it! However, my job is to keep up to date on the latest trends and make-up techniques to bring you a fresh, refined and super glamorous look.

With my sister, I take part in social projects with brands like Garnier, Deborah, INIKA, Natasha Denona, Mi-Rê and REN Cosmetics: the magical sleight of hand is creativity!


What’s better than a hair style that frames the face? The answer is: nothing. Big nose? No problem: bye bye surgery, hello big hair. Rest assured: a perfect hair style for each face really exists. I promise I will help you find yours!

Hair is something that has always fascinated me. What was a special occasion for my friends, for me was an opportunity to create and experiment: before every date or party they used to come round to let me “tidy their hair”. What helped me turn a passion into business was a specialization course at the Club Beauté in Milan. And voilà! Here I am ready to turn you into whatever you want!