The Team


Pleased to meet you, I’m Anna!

I’m a make-up artist and beauty consultant with a looooong apprenticeship in cosmetology. Do you have a couple of minutes? Let me tell you more about myself.

Let’s go back a bit: my story begins some years ago when as a kid I used mountains of paper to draw portraits. They were my first real passion. Yes, I have always been a bit of an artist…especially at getting into trouble! Over the years I have put my portraits aside and enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice where I discovered that Beauty comes in many shapes… each one to be discovered!

A few years later I followed a course in artistic make-up at BCM in Milan whose director at the time was Stefano Anselmo, future founder of the Academy. The course took all my doubts away: I decided I would map out my future using brushes and make-up!

This internationally recognized course gave me complete technical skills that I was able to test immediately by working with famous make-up artists such as Simone Belli.

So, between photo shoots, fashion shows and partnerships with brands like L’Oreal during the Venice Film Festival, I really didn’t miss out on anything.

I could spend hours putting make-up on or in Sephora shops looking for a product to make me feel perfect before going out – and it’s not easy since I am very self-critical and, don’t say this to anyone, I’m a bit fussy. I think eyebrows are the focus of the face. They are like two reflectors capable of pointing light at the eyes! This is the reason why I have been a qualified Philbrow Artist since 2018. When I travel, I always carry with me the desire to find new beauty trends: I never forget to pack a little beauty souvenir in my case to take back home with me!

What else? I’m a regular guest for Mi-rê Cosmetics from Qvc Italia!


Do you know when I feel my work has repaid me of all my efforts? When I finish my job and my hand are aching, my clothes are dirty with make-up, but my client is smiling and she can’t stop looking at herself in the mirror.

I think all women should feel like a Star for one day. Maybe that’s because I live my life as if it was a movie. Speaking of movies: when my eyes are not glued to the screen looking for trends and inspiration, I love travelling abroad for passion (and, I admit, to find exclusive products).


Volumes and geometries never particularly fascinated me during maths at school, but everything changed during one of my first photo shoots!

My love for hair grew suddenly from among the smell of lacquer and the chatter of models. I fell in love with hairstyling a bit later while attending a training course and…. have never left it since.


PhiAcademy is a team of beauty experts who revolutionizes your look using cutting-edge techniques. Choosing to become a Phibrow Artist at Sara Vecchi’s Phibrow Academy was the best choice I could make.

What does a Phibrow Artist do? It gives you natural, well-defined and perfectly symmetrical eyebrows of a realistic colour. Microblading is a highly innovative semi-permanent make-up technique which can give extraordinary results. If it’s well done the client will have outlined and very natural-looking eyebrows… just the way I like them.